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Praline Chocolate Bar - Jaguar Whole Hazelnuts


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A chocolate bar to share or not.

A clever mix of flavors, which we have the pleasure to taste in preview! The Bouche Bée team is unanimous: it's absolutely delicious.

A mix between our hazelnut praline, Jaguar chocolate & whole hazelnuts, all covered with a thin layer of 65% dark chocolate.
You will be charmed from your first bite!


Ingredients: Praline (Roasted hazelnuts, Cane sugar *, Vanilla bean, Sea salt), Jaguar chocolate 70% (Théobroma bicolor, Cane sugar *, Cocoa paste *, Cocoa butter *, Vanilla bean), Whole roasted hazelnuts , Dark chocolate Zorzal 65% (Cocoa paste *, Cane sugar *, Cocoa butter *). Contains: Walnuts. May contain: Milk.