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Caribou Magazine - #13


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In this thirteenth issue, Caribou looks at communities: those we are a part of, those that nourish us, those that inspire us. So we go to meet citizens who have seen their lives change thanks to food initiatives, we visit ecovillages where the inhabitants live according to common values, we present cooperatives that take advantage of the strength of numbers, we stop in community gardens of Montreal, we meet a former hermit and we dive into a little-known community, that of couponing. Finally, the main feature of this unifying issue highlights 10 inspiring food initiatives from across Quebec who have thought otherwise in order to warm villages, hearts and plates.

An issue that proves that mutual aid and community spirit can lead to great things and great tables.

Also in this issue:

The chronicle of Christian Bégin
A text by Joséphine Bacon, Innu poet
An account of the urban nutritionist who spent a day at Moisson Montreal
A final word signed by the eco-sociologist Laure Waridel