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Gourmet Cutting Board 15*11


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Fall in love with Epicurean cutting boards! Once tried, you won't be able to do without it!

Made from an eco-friendly paper composite, these boards are durable, non-porous and dishwasher safe. Their beautiful natural appearance will allow you to leave them on your counter, in plain sight, without being ashamed of them hehe.

Unlike wooden or plastic boards, these won't dull your knives or leave residue on your food.

Are you still hesitating? The gourmet board you are looking at now can be used on both sides: one flat surface and the other composed of a juice groove that will ensure that you do not let any liquid escape.

Note that greasy, acidic or highly pigmented foods may stain the surface on prolonged contact. To remove stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive household cleaner. In order to protect your surface, you can also oil the board, front and back, with a light mineral oil.

Dishwasher safe
Double sided
Made of paper composite, environmentally friendly materials
Heat resistant up to 350°
Does not dull the knives
Made in the USA