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*COVID-19 mesures

We want to guarantee everyone, our customers and our team, a safe environment.

During your visit, we will ask you to follow these few instructions:

- Wearing a mask MANDATORY and without exception. Disposable masks will be at your disposal if you need them, ready-to-wear masks are also on sale;

- Hand washing COMPULSORY and without exception. If you have an allergy, gloves are available;

- A number of 3 to 4 individual or duo clients will be our reception limit. If there are more than 2 of you, you will have to wait until there is enough space to enter. Single people will have priority. Pregnant women and very young children will be invited to enter the store.

- We suggest that you do not handle the products excessively. The prices are displayed for most products to facilitate your shopping and we are at your disposal;

- We advise you to respect a safe distance of about 1.5m with customers AS WELL AS WITH EMPLOYEES;

- Cash is not accepted to reduce the handling of banknotes and coins.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


* For online order pickups, skip the line, call us in-store at 438-389-8394 and we'll bring your order to you.