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Antioxydant serum - Boréalie


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Boréalie offers a trio of products some of whose ingredients come from the St-Laurent River in Quebec, such as their main element, the Sugar kelp seaweed. The latter promotes hydration of the skin, improving its elasticity. It helps restore a tonic appearance to your skin

The face serum will help you maintain good hydration, improve the tone of your skin, rebalance the skin texture which is sometimes unbalanced by external aggressions and / or the effects of stress or fatigue.

Its fresh and light texture brings a dose of radiance, worthy of its lemony and floral notes.

Boréalie products are made without parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils and are all compatible with a vegan lifestyle.

The difference between a serum and a cream? We like to present them as being "to eat and drink" for the skin. The serum will nourish in depth, working on the health aspect of the skin, while the cream will hydrate the skin and act as a protective barrier. She will also ensure the back of the serum so that he can work in peace. In our eyes, it is a team effort.